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Absence Management - For Subs

Create a New Account

Select Create a Frontline ID within the invitation email. This selection takes you to a login page where you must create new login credentials.

Username: must consist of at least 4 characters and must contact

- 1 alphabet character and at least 4 total characters.

Password:  must consists of at least 8 characters and must contain:

- 1 alphabet character

- 1 number or special character

Select “I accept the terms and conditions” and then “Create Frontline ID” and you are in!

For more information on creating your Frontline ID click here.

Web Access

To access the Frontline website go to Here you can enter absences, check your absence schedule, update personal information, and upload your lesson plans for substitutes to view online.

Mobile App Access

After you have created your Frontline ID, you can download the Frontline Education mobile app.

- From your App store search: Frontline Education mobile app.  

- Download

- Enter the four digit invitation code: 7354

- Enter your Frontline ID login credentials

- Select your role: Employee - You may have the option to select if you have ever substituted

- You’re in!   

For further step-by-step login instructions you can click here.