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LVA Attendance

Longview Virtual Academy provides online curriculum aligned to State and local standards in a self-disciplined and independent style of learning. Not all students will find success with online learning and along with you, Longview Virtual, may need to evaluate if online learning is the right choice for your academic goals.

A lack of computer or internet access needs to be phoned into Longview Virtual. Access to technology is a family's responsibility and lack thereof prevents positive attendance and academic progress. Contacting Longview Virtual will give us a chance to offer help.

Online Attendance

Longview Virtual Academy records attendance for online courses. The requirements for online attendance are: weekly contact, logging into and completing work each class each week and attendance at your on-campus session. When all these requirements are met a student is marked present for their online instruction.

  • Weekly contact means that a student and teacher have communicated regarding instructional feedback or academic progress of that student. All students can complete required weekly contact through in-person sessions. If a student is absent from an in-person session weekly contact happens by phone, Odysseyware or email.
  • Attendance at Longview Virtual is estimated to be 5 hours a day. For attendance purposes, students at a minimum should submit at least two assignments per class, per week. This minimum is an attendance marker; but, may not sustain academic progress.
  • Students who are enrolled full time are required to attend an on-campus session once per week. If Longview Virtual knows your preferred day we will do our best to accommodate you. Families need to report absences for these sessions or the absence will be recorded as unexcused.

Online Academic Progress

Beyond attendance requirements: acceptable course progress will require more than two assignments per class, per week. Successful academic progress within Longview Virtual is directly related to consistent, daily engagement. If you are not keeping pace with weekly assignments your teacher and you will need to identify your progress goals each month. If a student is not making satisfactory progress three months in a row a transfer to a more appropriate educational program within the district may be considered.