Longview School District


Longview, WA, USA

St. Helens Elementary School Super Citizens of April

St. Helens Students in Class

The following students from St. Helens Elementary School were named the Super Citizens of the Month for practicing Composure:

Kindergarten:  Annabelle Howell and Anabeth Garcia

1st Grade:  Faith Twigger, Isael Loza Beccera and Aden Pearson

2nd Grade:  Kayden Richardson, Quentin Karnoski and Princeton Simms

3rd Grade:  Jina Pratin, Terrance Ashby and Jairo Herrera-Orozco

4th Grade:  Miguel Escorcia and Yizzel Ibarra-Salas

5th Grade:  Marcelo Ruiz and Cervando Quezada Gonzalez