Longview School District


Longview, WA, USA

What are your names?

Jordyn, Jadyn, Tajsa, & Nicole


Tell us who you would like to thank for being a "star polisher".

Janelle Ormond


How did this person make a difference in your life?

"Mrs. Ormond has made a huge impact in my life. She has been there for me when I needed her to help me with school stuff and with my mental health. She always gave me a place where I was safe. She was always there, listening to me talk about my troubles, and she is just a wonderful person. She is the definition of awesome." - Jordyn 

"She is very good avid teacher." - Jadyn

"Mrs. Ormond made a difference in my life by trying her very best to make sure I succeed and graduate high school on time. She is very compassionate and loving towards her students. She is the best AVID teacher I could ever ask for, and has impacted my life for the better. Mrs. Ormond is definitely a star polisher." - Tajsa 

"I have never been good at math, and the thought of going into an algebra class scared the crap out of me. Mrs. Ormond is my hero when it comes to math! she helps me with any question I have and I'm still surprised by the fact that she evens comes over to my table because I am very annoying when it comes to asking questions because I ask a lot of them. Now after being in her class for half a year I'm mentally ready for my other math classes because of how good she has been treating me. How I now she's a great teacher is also that I have an A in her class and I've never had an a before in any math class I've had before." - Nicole 


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