Longview School District


Longview, WA, USA
Meet Our New Staff!


Veronica Eggen- 2nd Grade Teacher

This is my first year in my own classroom, however this is my third year teaching second grade. I did my practicum and student teaching in second grade where I long-term subbed. 

So far, my favorite part of working at Olympic has been how welcoming everyone has been! It seems like a real family working together. 

I am a BIG reader. If I am not physically reading a book, you will catch me listening to an audiobook. I also love to craft! I have refurbished several pieces of my furniture in my classroom and in my home. I love music and going to concerts, I go to three to four a year. 

One interesting fact about myself, I have been to over 60 concerts in the last 12 years.




Betsy Roth- Speech-Language Pathology Assistant

I have worked in the Longview School District as a SLPA for 23 years.

Olympic is such a friendly and welcoming school. 

Making flower wreaths and arrangements is something I started to do during the Covid outbreak. 

I love the creativeness of putting things together. Most everything I have made I have given away to friends and family.


I am a cat Lover! I have always had a kitty throughout my life. I have loved each one dearly. My new love that I have had for almost three years is George (because he is always curious.)

He is a big Ragdoll breed. He is very soft and fluffy.

I am looking forward to a great school year at Olympic.