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We need your help!

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The reality of the COVID-19 situation is that we are all tired of it. People are ready for life to get back to normal. For schools, getting back to normal means the return to in-person learning - and we need the community’s help to make that happen.

The Longview and Kelso School Districts are teaming up together to ask for the community’s help in getting all our kids back for in person school. Students who are already attending school in person are doing great. Not only are the students following proper safety protocols, they are thrilled to be back in class. The remainder of students continue learning remotely as school districts make plans to get them back for in person learning. Our kids desperately want to return to school and learn in the classroom with their teachers and classmates.

What we are asking of you is to follow established health safety protocols by wearing a face covering when out in public, maintaining at least 6 feet of distance from other people and practicing good hand washing hygiene. To help spread the word about practicing good health safety habits we created several promotional ads using photos of local high school students that feature health safety messages.

Both school districts are posting the ads featuring local high school students on our websites and social media pages. Please stop by or visit to see these amazing advertisements or visit or

Any by all means spread the word, because we need your help!

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