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Superintendent Update - 4/2/2021


Dear Parent and Guardians,

In case you missed the announcement last week, the school district is planning to make some positive changes based on the new Department of Health guidelines for schools. This will be the third time we have seen an adjustment in return to school guidance and each time we have responded accordingly. 

On April 19th we plan to have all elementary schools start full-time in-person learning five days a week.  Our middle and high schools will also start full-time in-person learning on April 19th and will meet four days per week with Wednesdays set aside for teachers to support students who remain in full remote learning.  All middle and high school students learning in-person will have at-home learning expectations on Wednesdays.

We are waiting until the 19th to assure that our schools have the time needed to prepare for safely returning all of our students to school.  I believe the addition of vaccine availability and in-school COVID-19 testing, to our already implemented safety measures, increases the safety of our school environments.

To prepare our classrooms for welcoming more students to school on April 19, Friday the 16th will be used as a preparation day with no in person class or Zoom lessons.  Students will be given learning opportunities that can be completed independently, at home, on this day. 

As we plan for reopening, we have continued monitoring the community infection rates and our county is currently experiencing an increase in the number of daily reported cases.  Should this trend continue, and the county infection rate rises above state guidelines, we may need to reconsider our middle and high school timelines.  We are anxious to get our kids back and ask that you help us by continuing to follow the community safety protocols that are in place.

We are increasingly getting closer to normal and appreciate your patience and support.  Enjoy the Spring Break!



Dan Zorn, Superintendent

Longview Public Schools