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Stay On the Go with the Longview Public Schools App!

Student Running Towards Camera with mask on

In an effort to support our parents, families and students Longview Public Schools has a district mobile app. The app provides a quick and easy way to access school news and information.

This app works well for anyone who has children in the district or just wants to know what is going on in our schools. The app is free of charge and available to both Apple iPhone and Google Android mobile phone users.

The Longview Public Schools app is designed to be easy to use and navigate. Once the app is downloaded you pick which school or schools you would like to get news and information from. For example, if your child attends R.A. Long High School, and you only want Lumberjack news, by quickly adjusting the settings you will only get R.A. Long news. If you have three kids and they all attend different schools, the app settings can be set to provide you news and information from all three schools.

Have you ever had one of those busy mornings when your child is sick and you have to find the phone number of your school to report an absence? Make you morning easier by using the “report an absence” function on the mobile app – it is quick and easy to use and no phone call to your school is required.

Search for “Longview Public Schools” in the Apple app store or Google Play to download the free app today!