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Solutions to Stormwater Pollution 2023 Calendar Contest!  Write a Poem!   Draw a Masterpiece!   Win Prizes!  Contest open to

In January, 2023, the Cowlitz Clean Water Calendar Contest produced their 2023 calendar with the winning artwork and poetry submission. In this calendar, there were nine Monticello Middle School students who's poems and artwork were featured. We would like to celebrate this accomplishment for those students! 

Derek Van Artwork

Artwork by Derek Van

Poem by Derek Van: 

It was a quiet night, as I was walking at the lake,

With a thirst I badly wanted to quench

Just then, I noticed a horrid stench

Coming from the polluted, secluded bench

The scene was dreadful, there were dirty wrappers,

Leaves and dog poop galore So please put trash in the bin, rake leaves and clean your dog droppings, and more!

Jesus Santana Artwork

Artwork By Jesus Santana

Bridget Woodruff Artwork

Artwork By Bridget Woodruff

Michelle Birrueta Artwork

 Artwork by Michelle Birrueta


Poem by Nathaniel Rodgers: 

Don’t be mean

Deal with your responsibilities

You don’t want to mess with me

‘cause this is my family


Poem by Sabastian Wentz: 

Water is blue

Earth is green

Earth’s pollution is

Yellow and poo

So stop pollution

it makes green


Poem by Jocelyn Manzano: 

If you don’t want

The earth to give up on us

Maybe you should start taking care of it.


Poem by Lucas Strong: 

Dog poop is pollution

So here is a solution

All dogs poop and it gets left out

We all need to scoop and take

The trash out


Poem by Addie McCoy: 

Down the Drain goes the Rain

Polluting by storm

It makes its way



If you would like to pick up a 2023 Cowlitz Clean Waters Calendar, then stop by the Longview Public Schools district office or email Cowlitz Clean Waters at: