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Board Highlights - August 24, 2020 Regular Meeting

At their regular meeting on August 24, 2020, the Board of Directors of the Longview School District:

  • Approved the consent agenda which contained the approval of the July 31, 2020; August 5, 2020; August 10, 2020; Personnel Report; Contracts and Personal Service Agreements; Authorization to Surplus Vehicles; Authorization to Purchase Buses, Contract award for 2020-21 Cafeteria Kitchen Overwrap Machine; and Warrants.
  • Heard a  report from Superintendent Dan Zorn related to the current COVID-19 cases in the county and how the case level affects school reopening. Overall, the cases are trending downward. According to the Department of Health School Reopening Decision Tree, the county is considered to be in the "moderate" level, which could allow the district to begin hybrid classes, if the trend continues past Labor Day. He indicated that if the trend continues he anticipates that the district could begin the hybrid model for the youngest elementary students in mid-September. He urged the public to do their part to control the transmission of the virus so the district can return to in-person learning.
  • Heard public comments from a number of employees who expressed concerns about the temporary layoffs impacting the SEIU and LCPEA members and how those impacts could affect student learning or school operations. Some citizens called in to express concern about remote learning, specifically questioning how children who are in daycare centers will learn remotely when their parents are at work. One special education student expressed a desire to return to in-person learning, noting that he does not learn well remotely.
  • Adopted Resolution 786 - 2020-21 Final Budget and the Four Year Budget Summary.
  • Awarded the emergency replacement of the Mark Morris High School HVAC controls to Delta Connects for $89,523 plus Washington sales tax.
  • Next Meeting is scheduled for September 14, 2020, at 6:30 p.m.