Longview School District


Longview, WA, USA
Workforce Secondary Traumatic Stress 5515PR

Procedure No. 5515P


Workforce Secondary Traumatic Stress

Workforce Mental Health Committee

  1. The Wellness Committee, established by Board Policy 6700, will also have the responsibility to effectuate Board Policy 5515 Workforce Secondary Traumatic Stress and this procedure.
  2. The Committee will seek resources related to secondary traumatic stress from Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI), Educational Service District 112, the School Employees’ Benefits Board (SEBB) and other pertinent sources. OSPI is expected to link to resources on its website. The Committee is encouraged to consider resources supporting comprehensive staff wellbeing. In addition, the Committee may seek input regarding resources from District personnel and the community.
  3. Materials and resources related to secondary traumatic stress will be shared District-wide via the district website, emails, and staff meetings.
  4. Free, confidential, mental health counseling is available to employees through the Employee Assistance Program.  The Employee Assistance Program information is found under the Staff Resources tab located on the home page of the district website.
  5. The duties of the Wellness Committee will expand to include:
  • Sharing supports available through OSPI, ESD 112, and SEBB.
  • Sharing links to a secondary traumatic stress self-assessment tool and any associated resources.
  • When possible, the Committee should use a continuous quality-improvement process, which may include a staff climate survey. This should include: Offering an opportunity for staff to give anonymous feedback; Reviewing the data collected.
  • Utilizing data collected, report to the Board at least once per year with a summary of Committee activities, the status of staff well-being, and an assessment and recommendations for the implementation of Policy 5515 and this procedure.

Initially Adopted: November 8, 2021