Longview School District


Longview, WA, USA
Volunteer & Community Garden Projects Procedure 4262

Procedure No. 4262


Procedures for Volunteer and Community Gardens

Safety is paramount and needs to be a consideration twenty-four (24) hours a day for all projects.

  1. All unwanted piles of debris must be removed from school grounds
  2. Hazards such as boards with nails in them, or trip hazards must be removed.
  3. Hoses and gardening equipment must be kept up off grounds and stored neatly.
  4. All structures must be secure and safe before leaving the site at the end of the day.
  5. All temporary shelters must be taken down and stored.
  6. Under normal circumstances, the Maintenance department will not provide materials, tools, or equipment unless used by maintenance or operations employees.

Starting a project

  1. All project requests must be submitted using a Volunteer and Community Support Projects request form.
  2. All requests for volunteer and community support projects must be approved by the building administrator, Maintenance Manager and the District Safety Officer prior to any work being started.
  3. After submission of a project request, the district may take up to five (5) working days for review before approval, feedback, or disapproval. Once the project is approved, copies of the request will be sent to the requesting party, the building administrator and a copy retained by the Maintenance Manager.

Gardens, Structures and buildings on school grounds

  1. A design plan of the garden and any structures or building must be approved prior to starting work.
  2. A new request must be approved prior to adding any new garden structures or expanding garden areas beyond original approval.
  3. All structures must be approved by the district’s liability insurance carrier.
  4. All structures must have permits if necessary, and meet county and/or city code.
  5. If the building or structure is built off-site, it must be inspected by the district maintenance manager prior to installation.

Compost on school grounds

  1. Compost shall be located at the discretion of the district and only upon approval by the district maintenance manager.
  2. Compost must follow approved best practices and be maintained in contained enclosed bins.
  3. A person must be identified and committed to the monitoring of bins weekly. Documentation of monitoring shall be provided upon request.

Plants, fruit trees, vines and their care

  1. All plants, fruit trees and vines must be pre-approved by the district maintenance manager prior to planting.
  2. Included in the project request will be a drawing that identifies the area where fruit trees and vines will be planted.
  3. No planting shall take place prior to the “planting meeting.”
  4. Planting of new or replacement plants, fruit trees, and vines are allowed in the designated area without additional approval. 
  5. A maintenance and pruning schedule for trees and fruit bearing vines must be included in the project request.
  6. A plan to dispose of the debris must be included in the project request.
  7. An annual watering plan must be presented with the project request and must be monitored by responsible volunteers or the non-school organization or group.


Adopted: April 11, 2011