Longview School District


Longview, WA, USA
Student Welfare Procedure 3400

Procedure No. 3400P



1. Transportation

  1. Pupils shall observe reasonable rules of conduct and behavior while entering, riding, and leaving buses.  The rules established by the state of Washington, Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, and the Longview School District shall be followed.
  2. Transporting pupils in privately-owned vehicles is discouraged, but is permissible when there are overriding reasons for doing so.
  3. When cars are used by individual students for transportation to and from school, they will be subject to the rules of that school during the school day.

2. School grounds, including parking areas, are limited to the uses for which they are designed.  Operation of power driven vehicles on school premises is limited to that which is necessary for transportation and service, through the routes designed for this purpose.

3. Parking and operation of bicycles will be regulated by school rules designed to protect operators and others from injury.

4. All school personnel should work to maintain good safety practices.  Accidents should be reported promptly--pupils to the school office and adults to the school office or supervisor.

5. A continual appraisal of safety conditions and development of appropriate emergency procedures will be conducted in each school.

6. School personnel will cooperate with parents in supervising students while they are traveling to or from school.  Students will be expected to comply with established rules for pedestrians, bicycle riders, and motor vehicle operators.

7. Employees of the district are expected to support safety through precept and example.

8. Periodic inspections of the building and grounds will be the responsibility of the administrator in charge and the senior custodians.

9. Students participating in unsupervised activities on school premises when school is not in session do so at their own risk.

10. A district safety committee appointed by the superintendent will review regulations and practices annually, or more frequently if conditions warrant it.

11. No child in kindergarten through grade nine will be removed from any school grounds or building thereon during school hours except by a person so authorized by a parent or legal guardian having legal custody thereof.  Instances where immediate medical attention is required would be an exception.


Initially Adopted: December 2, 1970

Adopted: February 22, 2010