Longview School District


Longview, WA, USA
School Bus Emergency Procedures Procedure 6604

Procedure No. 6604P


Emergency Exit Drill Procedures

These Practice Drills Are To Be Held On School Property Only.  Procedure For The Drills Is As Follows:

  1. Shut off motor, set hand brake, leave bus in gear and pull keys.
  2. The driver shall point out the location and explain the operation of emergency equipment as follows:
    1. Instruct students on opening, closing, and exiting from emergency exit doors and windows. The driver shall personally supervise the exiting of students through the exit door with the assistance of older students or staff members standing on each side of the door to assist students exiting the bus. Persons assisting in the exiting drill shall offer a helping hand, palm up, and avoid grasping a student's hand or arm. During emergency exit drills, students will exit only through the side or rear exit doors; however, in an actual emergency, they should be instructed to use any and all exit doors that are not blocked. Only those students whose participation in an exit drill poses a substantial difficulty to themselves or to other passengers shall be excused and/or excluded from exit drill participation. Students who are excluded from participation shall be given oral instruction in bus safety and exit drills at least three times during the school year.
    2. Show students where fire extinguishers are located and instruct students or how to remove and operate the fire extinguishers. Fire extinguishers are now to be actually used during the emergency drill.
    3. Show students where first aid kits are located and advise them of the contents and proper use of medical supplies contained in these kits.
    4. Show students the location of emergency warning devices and advise them of the proper use of these devices.
  3. In a real emergency situation, with no cell phone or service available, an older student shall be sent to the telephone to call the bus garage or, if not during office hours, the local police department and/or the Washington State Patrol. The proper phone numbers for these organizations shall be posted on the bus.
  4. On completion of emergency exit drills, drivers shall complete the official bus emergency exit drill report and return it to the superintendent or designee.


 Adopted: April 12, 2010