Longview School District


Longview, WA, USA
Political Relationships with Governmental Agencies Procedure 4300

Procedure No. 4300P


Political Relationships with Governmental Agencies

All “lobbying” activities on behalf of the school district shall be conducted under the direction of the superintendent and/or board. For purposes of this procedure, “lobbying” means attempting to influence the passage or defeat of any legislation or the adoption or rejection of any rule, standard, rate or other legislative enactment by any state agency.

The district shall file a quarterly report (PDC Form L-5) with the public disclosure commission when “in person lobbying” exceeds four days or parts of days during any three month period in aggregate for all employees at the district. In person lobbying includes testifying at legislative committee hearings and state agency hearings on rules and regulations but does not include attendance merely to monitor or observe testimony and debate. Quarterly reports are due at the public disclosure commission on or before April 30, July 31, October 31 and January 3.

District funds shall not be expended for dinners, entertainment or campaign contributions.


Adopted: October 12, 2009