Longview School District


Longview, WA, USA
Part-time, Home-based, (Home-Based) or Off-campus Students Procedure 3114

Procedure No. 3114P


Part-time, Home-based (Home-Schooled) or Off-campus Students

1. Part-time Enrollment

Students receiving home-based (home-schooled) instruction may enroll part-time in the Longview school serving their residence area.  Part-time students are eligible to participate in extracurricular programs.

2. Transferring from Home-Based Instruction to District Enrollment

Students may transfer from home-based instruction to regular enrollment in the school serving their residence area.

A. Elementary level - A student wishing to enroll from a home-based program will be placed at the appropriate grade level as determined by the building principal from a review of existing records and the administration of appropriate achievement tests.  Continuation at that grade level will be contingent upon satisfactory performance.

Secondary level

1) Credits earned in a program which can demonstrate compliance with state regulations will be accepted at face value for grade placement.

2) Students transferring from programs which do not comply with state regulations will be enrolled in the 9th grade.

3. Home-based Students Who Wish to Graduate from a Longview High School

Students transferring from an approved home-based program may graduate from a Longview high school provided they meet the following requirements:

A. Completion of all district graduation requirements.

B. Enrollment in a Longview high school for at least five periods for the entire senior year.

4.   Regularly Enrolled Students Earning Home-based Credits

It is the intent of the Longview School District that home-based credits will not be used to replace courses which are included in the regular high school curriculum or to reduce the amount of time required to earn a high school diploma.  The superintendent or designee may grant exceptions to this procedure under special circumstances.

Students may supplement their high school programs with home-based credits in a program which meets state approval requirements.  All such credits must be approved prior to the start of the semester in which they are earned, utilizing the process outlined below.

A. The student will complete an application form which includes a statement of the reasons for requesting home school credit and the signature of the parent/guardian of students under age 18.

B. The application will be forwarded to the superintendent or designee for approval and signature.


Initially Adopted: May 15, 1986

Adopted: February 8, 2010