Longview School District


Longview, WA, USA
International Exchange Students Procedure 3142

Procedure No. 3142P


International Exchange Students

A.  Limitations

  1. The total number of nonimmigrant students in each high school shall not exceed six.
  2. A sponsoring organization may not place more than two nonimmigrant students in any one high school.
  3. The number of students from any one/same country is limited to two per high school.
  4. Nonimmigrant students who have reached their 19th birthday will not be permitted to enroll in district schools.
  5. I-20 Immigration Forms will not be accepted, or issued, by the district.  Nonimmigrant students must go through an approved organization/sponsor.

B.  Prior Notice – Foreign exchange students wishing to enroll in Longview Public Schools shall submit a completed application request for admission prior to entering the United States.  The application must show that the student has sufficient English language skills for success in classes before enrollment will be approved. Sponsoring organizations must submit completed applications to the school district no later than August 10 for fall semester or December 15 for spring semester. During the application process, all communication with the school district shall be by the area representative of the sponsoring organization, not the potential host family.  To facilitate communications, area representatives of sponsoring organizations shall live within a reasonable distance from the high school.  Generally a reasonable distance from the high school is fifty (50) miles or less.

C.  Enrollment Guidelines

  1. Nonimmigrant students shall be enrolled in a full schedule of classes.
  2. Nonimmigrant students will be enrolled in U.S. History (and/or other appropriate social studies courses) and English.
  3. Nonimmigrant students will be graded and evaluated academically.

D.  Graduation Guidelines

  1. Nonimmigrant students will not be granted a high school diploma.  A certificate of attendance may be awarded.
  2. Nonimmigrant students who complete a full year of work at the senior level may participate in graduation ceremonies.

E.  Financial Responsibilities

  1. The Longview School District will provide no financial assistance or benefits to nonimmigrant students.
  2. Nonimmigrant students will be responsible for school fees and expenses.

F.   Rights and Privileges

Nonimmigrant students will be subject to the same policies, rules of conduct, and attendance requirements as regular students.  They will be accorded all of the rights and privileges of regular students, except as noted, during their period of enrollment.   Nonimmigrant students will attend the school serving the area of their host family’s residence and will not eligible for an in-district student transfer to another school.

G.  Registration

The nonimmigrant student is requested to present himself/herself for registration, along with a host family parent, five school days before the beginning of the semester at the high school of attendance for scheduling of classes.

H.  Organization Program/Sponsor Responsibilities

1. Each organization/sponsor of a nonimmigrant student must meet all current U.S. Information Agency (USIA) and Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) guidelines. Each organization/sponsor of a nonimmigrant student shall be registered with, and meet the requirements of, the Secretary of State’s office and Longview School District policies and regulations with special emphasis on the following:

a. Provide the visitor with an orientation to the community and the school.

b. Provide evidence that the nonimmigrant student is proficient in the English language.  The district may require that the organization/sponsor test the student for language proficiency.  If the organization/sponsor is required to test the student, the test results should be provided to the school district by August 10 for fall semester enrollment and by December 15 for spring semester enrollment.    

c. Comply with established policy time line for notification, placement, acceptance, admission, and registration of exchange visitor.

d. The organization has completed a student-screening process to maximize the student’s chance for success.

e. The host family has been personally interviewed by the organization to enhance a successful placement.

f. The sponsoring organization shall have an area representative who is readily available.

2. Each organization/sponsor of a nonimmigrant student must provide the school district with the following:

a. Verification of health and accident insurance coverage for the exchange visitor.

b. Immunization and health records in accordance with Washington State requirements.

c. An English language translation of a transcript showing all courses completed or a list in English of all courses successfully completed.

d. The name of the sponsoring organization's local contact person with telephone number and street address.

e. The host family name, street address, home and work telephone numbers.

f. Legal parent's name, street address, and telephone number.

I. Exceptions to the above regulations may be granted by the superintendent or designee in unusual circumstances.



Initially Adopted: January 12, 1987

Adopted: February 8, 2010