Longview School District


Longview, WA, USA
Employee/Volunteer/Visitor Identification Procedure 5347

Procedure No. 5347P


Employee/Volunteer/Visitor Identification

All full- and part-time and substitute certificated and classified employees will be issued photo identification badges. Visitors and volunteers will be required to have proper identification.

  1. District personnel shall be required to wear the district-issued photo identification badge which is highly visible at all times while on duty.
  2. All substitute employees shall wear their district-issued photo identification badge in a manner which is highly visible at all times while on duty.
  3. All visitors and volunteers shall check in at the site’s main office and be issued site-approved identification that shall be displayed while on school district property.
  4. It shall be the responsibility of all district employees to comply with this procedure and to question persons entering and on school property during normal business hours without proper district identification.
  5. Rules stating the need for proper identification shall be in a conspicuous location so that all persons entering a school district building will be informed of their responsibility to exhibit their employee identification or to attain visitor identification.
  6. Identification badges are the property of the school district and are issued to persons only during the time of their employment. Upon termination of employment, the badge must be returned to the employee’s supervisor.
  7. A replacement of a lost or damaged badge will be provided by the district upon receipt of a supervisor’s request. Damaged badges must be returned to the employee’s supervisor.
  8. Administrators will monitor the compliance of this procedure.



Initially Adopted: August 23, 1999

Adopted: March 22, 2010