Longview School District


Longview, WA, USA
Emergency School Closures Procedure 2222 (After School is in Session)

Procedure No. 2223P


Emergency School Closure - After School is in Session

If at all possible, schools will remain in session until the regular closing time so that parents may be able to pick up students at the regularly scheduled drop-off times.

Because sudden weather changes may make it impossible to follow carefully outlined procedures, the following guidelines should be used in making decisions relative to early school closure.

  1. If the decision is made to close schools early due to deteriorating weather conditions, the district will notify school district patrons through local media sources.
  2. Modified routes, as indicated in procedure 2222, may need to be used when, in the opinion of the superintendent or his/her designee, it would be unsafe to attempt bus runs into the higher elevations.


Initially Adopted: November 2, 1978

Adopted: December 14, 2009