Longview School District


Longview, WA, USA
Emergency School Closures Procedure 2222 (Beginning of School Day)

Procedure No. 2222P


Emergency School Closure - Beginning Of School Day

If, in the opinion of the superintendent or his/her designee, unfavorable weather conditions and/or hazardous driving conditions make it unsafe to open schools at the regularly scheduled time, alternate schedules and transportation routes may be adopted on a day-to-day basis.

  1. The opening of school may be delayed. This action should be taken when it is apparent that driving conditions will improve sufficiently to allow safe transportation of students. All scheduled bus routes will be delayed.
  2. Modified bus routes may be used. If driving conditions at lower elevations will permit students to be transported to schools safely, but road conditions in the higher elevations make bus transportation unsafe, modified bus routes may be used. Parents may transport their students to the pickup points on the modified run. Students who cannot make it to the modified pickup points or to school by other means safely will be excused from attendance on that day.
  3. If road conditions throughout the school district are such that students may not be transported to school safely, the superintendent or his/her designee will be authorized to close schools for the day.


Communication of Information to Patrons

The superintendent or his/her designee will issue instructions to school district patrons through the local media. Annually, parents will be referred to media sources for school announcements.


Initially Adopted: November 2, 1978

Adopted: December 14, 2009