Longview School District


Longview, WA, USA
District Attendance Area Transfers Procedure 3131

Procedure No. 3131



District Attendance Area Transfers

Applications for transfer from the school in a student's attendance area or the school where that student is currently enrolled to another school in the Longview School District will be considered.  Requests will be denied if the proposed transfer is likely to create an imbalance between schools, to cause harm or have a negative impact on students or the educational process.  A student’s prior discipline and attendance record will be used to determine whether there is a possibility of a negative impact on the educational process of the receiving school.

Requests for transfer shall be filed at the district office. As enrollment requests are received, the date and time of receipt will be noted on the request. Decisions will be made for semester placements after consultation of the sending school principal, receiving school principal, and district office representative.

The in-district transfer request form will contain a statement indicating that a transfer may be revoked if space is no longer available because of an enrollment increase of students residing in that school's attendance area.  The statement will also advise that the student may be involuntarily transferred for one year under the conditions of this procedure.

  1. Students will be assigned to a specific building in the following order of preference:
  2. Longview School District students residing within the attendance area of a particular building.
  3. Longview School District students who have previously been approved as in-district transfers provided there is space available, and the student is in good standing.
  4. Currently enrolled students in good standing, with a change in home address, may be given preference to remain in current school to help minimize disruptions in student learning.
  5. Siblings (of Longview School District students) requesting a transfer to a particular building but who reside in the attendance area of another building within the Longview School District.
  6. Students requesting a transfer to a particular building but who reside in the attendance area of another building within the school district.  Transfer requests will be considered in the order received. 
  7. Longview School District students who are being home schooled but who wish to take a part of their instruction in a school outside of their regular attendance area.

Additionally, to continue on in-district transfer the student will follow the rules and regulations applicable to all students attending the school and the student will maintain regular student attendance.

Children of full-time certificated and classified school employees must be allowed to enroll at a school where the employee is assigned or at a school in the district’s K-12 continuum that includes the school to which the employee is assigned unless:

  1. The student has a history of convictions, violent or disruptive behavior, or gang membership;
  2. The student has been expelled or suspended from school for more than ten consecutive days; or
  3. Enrollment of a child would displace a child who is a resident of the district (the child must be permitted to remain enrolled until he or she completes his or her schooling).

These mandatory transfer provisions do not apply to students who reside outside the state of Washington.


Involuntary Transfer Process

If necessary, students regis­tered or accepted for transfer will be involuntarily transferred or returned to the school of their residence in reverse order of registration.

For students in preference categories 1 through 5 above, transfer decisions will be finalized one month prior to the beginning of the semester in order to allow principals to pre­pare class lists for the following year and to allow parents to make appropriate child care and transportation decisions.


Initially Adopted: October 8, 2018 (replaced policy 3132 transfer students, which was suspended)