Longview School District


Longview, WA, USA
Controversial Issues/Guest Speakers Procedure 2331

Procedure No. 2331P


Controversial Issues/Guest Speakers

In the consideration of controversial issues having political, economic, or social significance, the teacher or guest speaker in a school situation will recognize these general principles:

  1. Primary purposes of such consideration are:
    1. Development of a love for knowledge, a desire to search for truth, and a pattern of action to determine it.
    2. Cultivation of a deep and abiding sense of the worth of political liberty.
    3. The development of responsible and participating members of our American democratic society.
  2. Emotional criticism and promotion of a cause are inappropriate and unscholarly. The teacher's or guest speaker’s attitude shall be one of truth-seeking, open-mindedness, and tolerance.
  3. Consideration of issues shall be in an atmosphere free from bias and prejudice.
  4. Access to relevant information shall be freely available in the school, public libraries, and other sources.
  5. Avoidance of expressing a personal opinion is advisable. It may be expressed, if clearly labeled, when all the facts are assembled and it is likely to further an understanding of the issues involved.
  6. The relative immaturity of students and their need for guidance in studying the issues and arriving at balanced views must be taken into consideration.


Initially Adopted: November 13, 1962

Adopted:        December 14, 2009

Amended:      March 12, 2012