Longview School District


Longview, WA, USA
Candidate Orientation Procedure 1110

Procedure 1110P


Candidate Orientation

Candidates for appointment or election to the board are urged to attend public meetings of the board. All public information about the school system will be made available to them.

Additionally, the board directs the superintendent to cooperate impartially with all candidates in providing them with information about school governance, board operations and school programs. Information to board candidates may include:

A. Notifying the candidate of open meetings of the board, and providing an agenda;

B. Meeting with the candidate to provide background information on the school system and board service and/or arranging such other candidate orientation sessions as the candidate may reasonably request;

C. Providing each candidate with access to publications of the district, materials from the Washington State School Directors' Association, the official minutes of board meetings and the district policy manual;

D. Reviewing the district budget and related fiscal documents; and

E. Providing each candidate with information regarding the Public Disclosure Act, Open Public Meetings Act and conflict of interest laws.


Adopted: October 11, 2011