Longview School District


Longview, WA, USA
Building Keys Procedure 6803

Procedure No. 6803P


Outline Policy for District Keys

  1. Definitions:
    1. District Keys:  Those keys which open district buildings or facilities.
    2. Central Key-Control File:  Those records maintained by the district facilities key-control manager identifying keys by number and function and listing personnel or sites issued district keys.
    3. Site Key-Control File:  Those records maintained by the site administrator identifying keys by number and listing personnel-issued site keys.
    4. Key-Control Methods:  Those methods used by key-control manager to assure access to all work or instructional areas by only such personnel as are authorized by the Superintendent or his or her delegated authority. The names of all persons or sites to whom keys are issued and the numbers of the keys will be recorded.
    5. Keying System:  Those numerical combinations which can be used to extend or limit the variety of keys a school or department can use.
    6. Key-Control Manager:  That person who will manage the keying systems and be responsible for issuing, recording, and recovering keys in accordance with these guidelines.
  2. Key-Control Manager Will Be Responsible For:
    1. Creating a keying system which will ensure security and reasonable conve­nience to staffs and departments occupying buildings or facilities.
    2. Maintain the central key-control file and up-to-date records of keying systems.
    3. Fabricating and issuing keys. The key-control manager will receive original keys fur­nished under new building or alteration contracts directly from the hardware manufacturer.
    4. Securely storing all unassigned keys pending their reissue.
    5. Arranging all lock work.
    6. Receiving lost-key reports from the sites and determining whether rekeying of an area is required. Determination will be based on a consultation between the key-control manager, the con­cerned site administrator, and the security manager.
    7. Furnishing to building administrators once a year, or more frequently if desired, listings of keys issued to the site.
  3. Site Administrators Will Be Responsible For:
    1. Authorizing the issuance of keys to staff as necessary and in accordance with this procedure.
    2. Maintaining the site key-control file.
    3. Reporting loss of keys to the security manager and the key-control manager.
    4. Recovering all district keys from personnel who are terminating or transferring to another office or work location.
  4. Those Personnel To Whom Keys Have Been Issued Are Responsible For:
    1. Signing a key signature card identifying each key issued and returned.
    2. Maintaining security of any key issued. Only those keys specifically approved for student use by the site administrator may be loaned to students.
    3. Reporting loss or theft of keys to the site administrator using a lost key report form.
    4. Checking in all keys with the site administrator at the conclusion of their normally-scheduled work year.
  5. Special Security Keying and Changes of Keying:
    1. Special security locks and keys for areas of special consideration may be permitted with the approval of the key-control manager and with concurrence of the site administrator.
    2. No personally owned locks or keys may be used for space control, nor may locks be changed without prior approval of the site administrator and the key-control manager.  Unauthorized locks will be reported to the key-control manager, who will remove them in coordination with the site administrator.
    3. Areas approved for special locks or keys will not receive maintenance and custodial services, except by special arrangement.
    4. All requests for rekeying and lock changes must be submitted on a work request form.
  6. Eligibility: After approval by the appropriate administrator indicated below, requests for a key will be reviewed by the superintendent and/or designee. Exceptions to the eligibility regulations outlined below may be made only by the superintendent.


Key Level

Great Grand Master - the highest level key in the district. Will operate all groups of locks under different building masters.

Eligibility to Carry: Superintendent and Cabinet, Security Manager, Key-Control Manager, Business Services Manager, Maintenance Coordinator


Grand Master

Eligibility to Carry: District Maintenance Workers


Building Master - will operate all subgroups of locks contained within one school location.

Eligibility to Carry: Site Administrators, Site Administrator's Secretary, Local classified custodial staff as needed


Building Submaster - will operate in a designated section of a building.

Eligibility to Carry: Individuals authorized by the site administrator


Change Key - will operate one lock, or two or more locks keyed alike.

Eligibility to Carry: Staff, upon approval of site administrator


Building-Entrance Key

Eligibility to Carry: Employees who must work other than normally-scheduled hours may be tem­porarily issued a building-entrance key upon approval of the site adminis­trator.


Key for students use

Eligibility to Carry: Approval must be obtained from the site administrator.


Key for public use

Eligibility to Carry: Approval must be obtained from the security manager.



Initially Adopted: September 18, 1986

Adopted: April 12, 2010