Longview School District


Longview, WA, USA
Volunteer & Community Garden Projects Policy 4262

Policy 4262

Public Access to Schools, Staff and Students



It is the policy of the Longview Board of Education to allow responsible volunteers and non-school organizations or groups the  opportunity to create and maintain volunteer school garden projects while following District established procedures. The Superintendent is charged with developing and maintaining garden project procedures.

A joint committee composed of the District Safety Officer, Maintenance Manager and one representative from the District Grounds crew shall review and determine approval of garden project requests.  Garden project requests shall be designed with minimal impact to normal grounds and maintenance department operations and must follow approved master gardener practices.

Volunteers in community garden projects located on District facilities must follow the Volunteer Personnel policy and procedure.

Inspection and monitoring of volunteer and community garden projects will be the responsibility of the District Maintenance Manager, or other identified administrator.  All procedures, including safety must be followed.    Groups not following volunteer project procedures will be notified the project will no longer be allowed.  All permanent modifications, including structures, arbors, and irrigation need to be approved by the City and/or County Inspector.

All compost will be maintained in enclosed containers.

Safety is paramount and all projects must comply with district policies and procedures; meet local, state, and federal code or regulation; and are designed and implemented with long-term maintainability in mind.

The District’s Integrated Pest Management (IPM) policy and  procedures must be followed including notification signs and application by a certified applicator under the provisions of RCW 17.21.410(1)(d).


Cross reference

Board Policy 6895 Integrated Pest Management
Board Policy 5400 Volunteer Personnel
Procedure No. 5400P Volunteer Personnel


Adopted:  April 11, 2011