Longview School District


Longview, WA, USA
Use of District Owned Vehicles Policy 6606

Policy No. 6606

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District-owned vehicles shall be for official use only and shall be properly marked. Vehicles owned by the district may not be used for personal purposes. There are employees who are authorized to commute to and from work in a district vehicle for bona fide non-compensatory business reasons. Each employee having the use of such a vehicle shall have included in his or her gross income a value for commuting such as is required by law.

All vehicles owned by the school district shall be operated in compliance with relevant state and local statutes. The driver of the vehicle shall be responsible for such compliance.

Use of District Vehicles:

Any driver operating a school district or private vehicle that is rated at nine (9) or fewer passengers (including the driver) must complete the district activities driver training certification course in order to transport students. The driver will be responsible to know the rated capacity of the vehicle before taking that vehicle from the transportation center.

No district vehicle may carry more passengers than its rated capacity. The driver of the vehicle will be responsible for the enforcement of this policy.

Seat Belts and/or Restraining Devices:

All school district vehicles shall be equipped with seat belts and/or other appropriate passenger restraining devices. All persons, while traveling in district vehicles, either as passengers or drivers, shall use seat belts and/or restraining devices in the approved manner. It shall be the responsibility of the driver to ensure compliance with this policy. Regular school buses and passengers in regular school buses are exempted from this policy paragraph.

Vehicle Security:

All unoccupied school district vehicles shall be locked by the driver when parked in non-secured areas. Keys shall be removed from vehicles when parked in secured areas.

Care of Vehicles:

Any individual checking out a district-owned vehicle shall be responsible to see that the vehicle is protected from damage or abuse. The driver shall remove all litter from the interior. Any damage to the vehicle shall be reported to the transportation manager when the vehicle is returned to the motor pool.


Legal Reference:

RCW 46.08.065


WAC 180-20



Initially Adopted: August 19, 1982                                                   

Adopted: April 12, 2010