Longview School District


Longview, WA, USA
Transportation, Rules & Regulations Policy 6603

Policy No. 6603

Management Support



The superintendent shall establish written rules of conduct for students riding school buses which shall include as a minimum the requirements of WAC 392-145-035.

At the beginning of each school year, a copy of the rules of conduct for students riding buses shall be provided to each student who is scheduled to and rides a school bus. The bus driver shall review the rules with the students at or near the beginning of each school year. A copy of the rules shall be available upon request at the district's trans­portation office.

The vehicle driver has authority and responsibility for the behavior of students using school district transportation. Students shall conduct themselves in accordance with the following rules and regulations. The right to use school district transportation may be denied to a student who violates these rules and regulations.


Legal References:

RCW   28A.160.010 Operation of student transportation program

Government of schools, pupils, employees, rules, and regulations for--Due process guarantee--Enforcement

WAC   180-40-225

School district rules defining misconduct--Distribution of rules

392-145-015 General operating regulations
392-145-020 Rules for school bus drivers
392-145-035 Rules for students riding school buses



Adopted: April 12, 2010