Longview School District


Longview, WA, USA
Transportation, Extraordinary Uses Policy 6601

Policy No. 6601

Management Support



The superintendent is hereby authorized, pursuant to the guidelines of this policy, to permit the use of district transportation vehicles for co-curricular and extracurricular school activities.

Co-curricular activities are those activities which are integral to the curricular program, including school athletics, music, dramatics, class field trips, and similar projects. Co-curricular transportation requests shall be made to the superintendent or designee for approval.

Extracurricular activities are those activities and school athletics which are not integral to the curricular pro­gram but which have been officially designated as "school activities" pursuant to board policy.

District transportation vehicles may be used for extracurricular activities when commercial service is not reasonably available. When school vehicles are used, the superintendent shall assure that users are charged an amount sufficient to reim­burse the district for all costs incurred by reason of such use. Users of such district vehicle service shall be limited to those directly involved in extracurricular activities sponsored by the school district.


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Initially Adopted: February 17, 1977

Adopted: April 12, 2010