Longview School District


Longview, WA, USA
Transportation, Employee Responsibility Policy 6602

Policy No. 6602

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In accordance with applicable law, Washington Administrative Code (WAC), district rules and regulations, drivers assigned to district transportation vehicles shall have the primary responsibility for the safety of passengers while they are boarding the vehicle, while they are in the vehicle, and while they are disembarking the vehicle and crossing the roadway.  When a teacher, coach, approved volunteer, or other staff member is assigned to accompany students on a vehicle, such person shall be primarily responsible for the behavior of the students in their charge; however, the assigned driver shall have final authority and responsibility.

An assigned driver shall not order or allow a student to depart a vehicle other than at his or her boarding or alighting place unless permission to do so is first obtained from the superintendent or designee pursuant to administrative rule and regulation.

Students being transported are under the authority of the assigned driver who, as a part of said authority, may take reasonable action, not including corporal punishment, to assure the safe transportation of pupils. The driver may hold students accountable for their conduct during the course of transportation and make recommendations to the superintendent or designee for disciplinary action against a student. Any disciplinary action taken against a student shall be in conformity with district policy on student dis­cipline.


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Initially Adopted: February 17, 1977

Adopted: April 12, 2010