Longview School District


Longview, WA, USA
Student Safety Rules Policy 3420

Policy No. 3420




Staff are responsible for creating and maintaining the safest possible environment for students at all times.

A program of hair, eye, ear, and apparel safety shall be planned, implemented, and maintained by designated staff to satisfactorily meet safety requirements.  The principal shall support staff in their efforts to implement the following hair, eye, ear, and apparel protection procedures for students enrolled in art, home economics, physical education, and industrial arts classes at the middle and high school levels.

Hair Safety

  1. Hair which, in the judgment of staff, may become entangled in moving parts of equipment shall be secured while a student is working in areas where such objects are located.  Hair must be tightly secured to the head to prevent any strands from falling loose about the face, head, or shoulders.  Hair may be secured by such acceptable methods as hair pins, nets, hair bands, braids, or stocking caps.  Hair must be held securely in place throughout the class period.
  2. Students who fail to comply with hair safety rules shall not be allowed to operate any equipment with exposed moving parts.

Eye Safety

  1. Students shall be required to wear approved appropriate eye safety devices (clear goggles, welding goggles, welding hoods, eye glasses, face shields) while working or observing in designated eye safety areas, or while operating machines or performing hazardous tasks such as pouring molten metal in the foundry area or pounding hot metal on an anvil in the forge area, or while working in laboratories where there is potential for eye injury.
  2. Eye safety areas shall be clearly designated with two-inch wide yellow lines painted on the floor.
  3. All stationary machines considered hazardous to the eyes shall be located in eye safety areas.
  4. Portable power machines considered hazardous to the eyes shall be operated in eye safety areas.

Ear Safety

  1. Staff will be responsible to assure that noise levels meet the standards set forth in WAC 248-64-320.
  2. Students operating equipment which generates noise levels above those permitted by federal and state standards shall be required to wear appropriate hearing protective devices.

Apparel Safety

Wearing apparel such as ties, beads, loose sleeves, loose coats, sweaters, jackets, wrist bracelets, and/or finger rings shall be handled as follows:

Students shall be required to roll up loose sleeves, remove jackets or sweaters, remove neckties, beads, or other dangling bodily adornments while working in eye safety areas or while operating stationary or portable power machinery with exposed moving parts.

Eye and hair safety protective devices (which comply with the U.S. Standard Practice for Occupational and Educational Eye and Face Protection, 287.1, 1968 or later revisions) shall be furnished and maintained by the district and loaned without cost to staff and students.

Staff shall analyze the potential eye and other bodily hazards involved in activities for which they are responsible and explain to students the need for the type of eye protection specified in the work.

Staff shall make all reasonable efforts to assure that those persons, whether visitors, students, faculty, or others, wear proper eye and hair protection when entering a specified eye safety area where potentially dangerous activities are taking place.

Students in physical education classes are encouraged to purchase recommended apparel.  All "nonstandard" apparel shall be free of those potential hazards as identified by staff.


Initially Adopted: September 18, 1986

Adopted: February 22, 2010