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Longview, WA, USA
Student Conduct Expectations & Reasonable Sanctions Policy 3240

Policy No. 3240



Student Conduct, Expectations, and Reasonable Sanctions

The Board acknowledges that student conduct and behavior are closely associated with learning. An effective instructional program requires a wholesome and orderly school environment. The Board therefore requires that each student adhere to the rules of conduct established by the District and its various schools and programs and submit to corrective action taken as a result of conduct violations.

Students are expected to:

  1. Respect the rights, person, and property of others;
  2. Pursue the required course of study;
  3. Preserve the degree of order necessary for a positive climate for learning;
  4. Comply with District rules and regulations; and
  5. Respect the authority of staff and reasonable corrective action imposed by school employees and respond accordingly.


Students who involve themselves in acts that have a detrimental effect on the maintenance and operation of the school or the District, criminal acts, and/or violations of District rules and regulations may be subject to discipline by the District and prosecution under the law.

The superintendent or designee will develop reasonable rules of student conduct (see Procedure 3240P) for the preservation of the health and safety of students and employees and the preservation of an educational process that is conducive to learning. Such rules will state with reasonable clarity the types of misconduct for which discipline, including suspension and expulsion, may be imposed.

In accordance with state law, the student conduct rules adopted by the District will be interpreted to ensure that the optimum learning environment of the classroom is maintained, and that the highest consideration is given to the judgment of qualified certificated educators regarding the conditions necessary to maintain the optimum learning environment.

Student conduct rules will be enforced by school officials:

  1. On school grounds during and immediately before or immediately after school hours;
  2. On school grounds at any other time, including when school is being used by a school group(s) or for a school activity;
  3. Off school grounds at a school activity, function, or event;
  4. Off school grounds if the actions of the student materially or substantially affect or interfere with the educational process; or
  5. Upon school-provided transportation, designated District bus stops, or any other place while under the authority of school personnel.

In addition to the rules established in Procedure 3240P, schools may develop and implement site-specific rules for student conduct (examples include establishing off-limits areas, prohibiting food on carpet, etc.). Such rules must be consistent with the District’s student conduct rules.

The District will make its policies and procedures regarding student conduct rules and student discipline available to students, parent/guardians, employees, and the community via the district and school websites, and it will include an annual notification in the student handbook. The District will provide language assistance regarding those policies and procedures for students and parents/guardians with limited-English proficiency as required by federal and state law. Students and parents/guardians are expected to be aware of the District’s rules of student conduct, including behavioral standards that respect the rights, person, and property of others.

The superintendent or designee will ensure that employees and contractors who work with students are knowledgeable about the District’s discipline policies and procedures.

The District will develop and periodically review its discipline policies and procedures with the participation of school personnel, students, parents, families, and the community. During the development and review of discipline policies and procedures, the District will use disaggregated data collected under RCW 28A.300.042 to monitor the impact of the District’s discipline policies, procedures, and practices and to update such policies and procedures to improve fairness and equity in the administration of discipline.

The principal and certificated employees in each school building will confer at least annually for the purpose of developing and/or reviewing building disciplinary standards and the uniform enforcement of those standards, in accordance with RCW 28A.400.110.

The superintendent or designee will develop procedures necessary to implement this policy.


Cross References:

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Adopted: February 8, 2010

Amended: October 28, 2013

Amended: June 9, 2015

Amended: May 28, 2019