Longview School District


Longview, WA, USA
Safe & Orderly Learning Environment Policy 4200

Policy No. 4200

Community Relations


Safe and Orderly Learning Environment

Contacts with Staff

The learning environment and District employees’ time for students and District business will be free from interruption to the extent possible. Persons other than students or staff seeking to communicate with staff during working hours by remote means (such as telephone or facsimile) or by in-person visits may be asked to attempt the communication during non-working hours or prior to or after the school day. Where practical, office or administrative staff may either record a message or direct a caller or visitor to an employee’s voicemail or e-mail address in order to leave a message for that employee to return when appropriate. In the event of an emergency, staff may interrupt an employee’s work to deliver a communication about that emergency.

Certificated staff shall be available for consultation with students and patrons during the non- instructional time prior to the beginning of and at the end of the school day. Students, parents, and other visitors are urged to make appointments with staff to allow for an uninterrupted conference.

No one shall solicit funds from or conduct private business with staff during working hours and on District property.


The board welcomes and encourages visits to school by all parents in support of their students’ learning, the many volunteers who support District programs, interested educators, and other adult residents of the community, so long as those visitors do not engage in conduct that interferes with or disrupts District operations or endangers the safety of students, staff, or others. The superintendent shall establish guidelines governing visitors to District property, including schools, to insure orderly operation of the educational process and the safety of students and staff.

Disruption of School Operations

If any person is under the influence of drugs or alcohol or is committing, threatening to imminently commit, or inciting another to imminently commit any act that would disturb, interfere with, or obstruct any lawful task, function, process, or procedure of the District or of any of its students, officials, employees, or invitees, the superintendent or staff member in charge shall direct the person to leave immediately. If such a person refuses to leave, the superintendent or staff member shall immediately call for the assistance of law enforcement.

In some circumstances, the superintendent or his/her designee may reasonably believe that a person’s continued presence on District property would interfere with or disrupt District operations or cause harm to District property, students, staff, or other people. The superintendent shall establish guidelines for issuance of written no-trespass orders in such circumstances prohibiting a person’s continued presence on District property, subject to the provisions of Procedure 4200P.


Legal Reference:

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No Child Left Behind Act, Military Recruiter



Cross References:

Procedure 4200P Procedures for Safe and Orderly Learning Environment
Policy 4210 Regulation of Dangerous Weapons on School Premises
Policy 4260 Use of School Facilities
Policy 2150 Co-curricular Program
Policy 2153 Non-Curriculum-Related Student Groups



Adopted: October 12, 2009

Amended: August 12,  2013

Amended: March 24, 2014