Longview School District


Longview, WA, USA
Rights of Noncustodial Parents Policy 3610

Policy No. 3610




The board of directors presumes that the person who enrolls a student in school is the custodian of the student.  Unless the court specifies otherwise, the custodial parent "may determine the child's upbringing, including his education, health care, and religious training."*

The board, unless informed otherwise, assumes that there are no restrictions regarding a noncustodial parent's right to be kept informed of the student's school progress and activities.  If restrictions are made relative to the above rights, the custodial parent must submit a certified copy of the court order which curtails these rights.

Unless there are court-imposed restrictions, the noncustodial parent, upon request, will be given grade reports, notices of school activities, report of disciplinary actions, or access to any other items contained in the student's official records.

If there is a court order on file with the district/school that restricts and/or prohibits any parent or other person from contact with a student at school or picking up a student from school, then the district will not permit the student to visit with or be released to that parent or other person.


*Legal Reference:

9A U.L.A. 96 5408a Uniform Marriage and divorce act
CFR 45, Part 99 Family education rights and privacy act
RCW 26.09.250 Child  custody -  powers  and duties of custodian
RCW 13.34.200 Order  terminating parent and child relationship


Initially Adopted: February 8, 1988

Adopted: February 22, 2010

Amended: March 9, 2020