Longview School District


Longview, WA, USA
Return to Work, Light Duty Policy 5290

Policy No. 5290




The district will establish a return to work, light duty jobs program. This program is for employees not able to return to their previous work due to an on-the-job industrial injury, but are physically capable of carrying out work of a lighter nature. Employees will be encouraged to return to modified work; as such work is frequently beneficial for regaining self confidence, body conditioning and reducing the risk of re-injury. Employees are valuable and the sooner an employee returns to full work capacity, the more efficient the organization is and the less financial impact there is to the district.

The district will comply with RCW 51.32.090 by making available modified work for the employee, by furnishing the attending physician and the employee with a statement describing the available work in terms that will enable the physician to relate the physical activities of the job to the employee’s physical limitations and capabilities. The physician shall then determine whether the employee is physically able to perform the work described. The district will not increase the physical requirements of the job without requesting the opinion of the physician as to the employee’s ability to perform such work.

The normal time limit for light duty is 90 days. If the attending physician has not released the employee to full duties at the end of the 90 days, the district will conduct a review to determine if the employee will be assigned to an extension of light duty work or returned to temporary total disability.

If, after a trial period of reemployment, the employee is unable to continue with light duty work, the employee will be referred back to their attending physician and the workers compensation program.

All light duty jobs will be paid at the state minimum wage.


Legal Reference:

RCW 51.32.090 Industrial Insurance Compensation
(4)(a)(b)(c) Return to available work



Adopted: March 8, 2010