Longview School District


Longview, WA, USA
Removal of Student During School Hours Policy 3440

Policy No. 3440




No student will be removed from the school grounds, any school building, or school function during school hours except by a person so authorized by the parent.  Before a student is removed or excused, the person seeking to remove the student must present to the satisfaction of the superintendent or building principal or designee evidence of his/her proper authority to remove the student.

A teacher should not excuse a student from class to confer with anyone unless the request is approved by the principal.

State law requires that school personnel not remove, cause to be removed, or allow to be removed a student from school grounds during school hours without the consent of the student’s parent or guardian, unless the employee is the student’s parent or guardian, the employee is providing bus transportation, the employee is supervising an extracurricular activity and providing transportation for the student, or the student requires transportation for emergency medical care and the parent cannot be contacted.  School security personnel may remove a student from school without parental authorization for disciplinary reasons, and anyone officially responding to a 911 emergency call may remove a student without prior parental authorization.

Legal Reference:  RCW 28A.605.010, Removing child from school grounds during school hours -- Procedure

Cross Reference: Procedure 3431, Emergency Treatment of Students


Initially Adopted: October 16, 1980

Adopted: February 22, 2010