Longview School District


Longview, WA, USA
Public Performances Policy 4235

Policy No. 4235

Community Relations



The board recognizes the scholastic and social values that may be derived from student participation in various activities sponsored by community organizations. The proposed activity shall have educational value to the participants and be free of objectionable advancement of the name, product, or special interest of the sponsoring group.

Students may perform as a representative of the district, any school, or other organization of the district subject to the approval of the principal. It shall be the principal’s responsibility to assure that the amount of instructional time missed for such activities shall not be detrimental to the students’ academic progress.

While students may perform in traditional musical events during the holiday season, a school-sponsored group shall not perform or make such presentations in a worship service.

The activity, program, performance, or contest under consideration shall have educational value consistent with the goals and objectives of the district. Participation shall not result in exploitation of or liability to the student, school, or district. A student shall not receive any individual remuneration for performing as a representative of the school or district. Donations to ASB funds/activities are not prohibited.


Initially adopted: October 17, 1985

Adopted: October 12, 2009