Longview School District


Longview, WA, USA
Political Relationships with Governmental Agencies Policy 4300

Policy No. 4300

Community Relations



The board recognizes and encourages the right of its employees, as citizens, to engage in political activity. School property and school time, supported by public funds, may not be used for political purposes.

District employees, when authorized by the board or superintendent, may provide information or communicate on matters pertaining to school district affairs or advocate the official position or interests of the district to any elected official or officer or employee of any agency. The district shall submit quarterly statements in compliance with requirements of the public disclosure commission.

District employees who hold elective or appointive public office in an organization are entitled to time off from their school duties for reasons incident to such offices as such time may qualify under leave policies of the district or may be required by law.

The superintendent is directed to establish procedures that are in compliance with the public disclosure commission.


Legal Reference:

RCW  42.17.130 Forbids use of public office or agency facilities in campaigns
RCW  42.17.190 Legislative activities of state agencies and other units of government


Adopted: October 12, 2009