Longview School District


Longview, WA, USA
Organizational Value Statements Policy 0520

Policy No. 0520

Strategic Planning



Strong school districts adhere to a set of clearly articulated organizational values. The board of directors believes the following organizational values represent the defining characteristics of the district. The organizational value statements are based on the 2004 publication from the office of state superintendent of public instruction entitled Characteristics of Improved School Districts: Themes from Research. 

The district’s thirteen organizational values are organized around four key themes: Effective Leadership, Quality Teaching and Learning, Support for Systemwide Improvement, and Clear and Collaborative Relationships.

Effective Leadership characteristics are:

  • Focus on Student Learning
  • Dynamic/Distributed Leadership
  • Sustained Improvement Efforts

District organizational value statements are:

  • Learning is fun and joyful
  • Continuous improvement through a constant pursuit of best practices
  • Freedom with accountability

Quality Teaching and Learning characteristics are:

  • High Expectations and Accountability for Adults
  • Coordinated and Aligned Curriculum and Assessment
  • Coordinated and Embedded Professional Development
  • Quality Classroom Instruction

District organizational value statements are:

  • A passion for teaching ignites a passion for learning
  • Teach with high expectations, and be accountable for each student’s learning
  • Coordinated and aligned curriculum and assessment leads to successful learning.
  • Engaging professional development focused on achieving district goals

Support for Systemwide Improvement Characteristics is:

  • Effective Use of Data
  • Strategic Allocation of Resources
  • Policy and Program Coherence

District organizational value statements are:

  • Quality data and analysis supports quality decisions
  • Align resources to maximize student learning
  • Cohesive systems support our vision, our resources, and our people

Clear and Collaborative Relationships characteristics are:

  • Professional Culture and Collaborative Relationships
  • Clear Understanding of School and District Roles and Responsibilities
  • Interpreting and Managing the External Environment

District organizational value statements are:

  • Individual contributions, collaborative success
  • Committed community partnerships are vital to healthy schools, healthy communities
  • Together, we have a responsibility for student success


Reference:  Characteristics of Improved School Districts: Themes from Research, October 2004, Dr. Terry Bergeson, State Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Adopted: December 14, 2009