Longview School District


Longview, WA, USA
K-8 Retention/Acceleration Policy 2421

Policy No. 2421




The proposal by any staff member to retain or accelerate the promotion of any K-8 student shall be approved by the building principal before discussion with parents.

Each candidate for either retention or acceleration shall be carefully studied to determine both the present and long-term effects of the decision. The following factors shall be considered in all retention/acceleration decisions:

  1.  Attendance

  2.  Intellectual capacity, as measured by an intelligence test

  3.  Chronological age

  4.  Physical maturity

  5.  Anticipated rate of academic progress 

  6.  Social acceptance by peers

  7.  Emotional stability

  8.  Personality characteristics

  9.  Family factors

10.  Program modifications which might be made to increase the probability of success

Parents may submit a request to the building principal for the retention or acceleration of a student. The same factors will be considered in responding to such requests.

In cases of proposed retention, a thorough analysis of the child's difficulty should be started not later than February 1 so that special help may be given or other placement considered for the remainder of the school year.

Conferences with both parent and child shall precede final recommendation for retention or acceleration. The final decision shall be the responsibility of the principal. Parents may appeal the decision of the principal to the superintendent.

Except in the most unusual circumstances, no child shall be placed more than one year behind or ahead of the age group with which he/she entered school.  Exceptions must be approved by the superintendent or designee.


Initially Adopted May 17, 1984

Adopted: December 14, 2009