Longview School District


Longview, WA, USA

Policy No. 2190




In order to provide educational opportunities for all students, the district recognizes the unique needs of gifted and talented student.

The board will annually approve the district’s highly capable application which describes the number of students served by grade level; the district’s plan to identify students; program services; instructional program description; professional development; program evaluation and fiscal report; and assurances that the district is legally compliant.

The superintendent or designee will establish guidelines and procedures which are consistent with state regulations governing programs for gifted and talented students.

The procedures will include:

  1. Nomination;
  2. Screening and assessment;
  3. Selection;
  4. Non-discrimination; and
  5. Necessary records to document program compliance.

The district designee will be responsible for the operation and compliance issues for the gifted and talented program.  These responsibilities include:

  1. Preparation and submission of the annual application;
  2. Obtaining formal approval from the board of directors;
  3. Monitoring the use of the categorical funds and assuring that they are spent solely for the program for which they are intended; and
  4. Submitting the end-of-year report to the superintendent of public instruction's office.

A copy of the procedures, program goals and necessary documentation will be kept on file in the curriculum and special education departments.

Legal References:

RCW 28A.185.030 Programs — Authority of local school districts — Selection of students
WAC 392-170 Special service program — Highly capable students

Management Resources: Policy News, April 2008, Highly Capable Programs


Initially Adopted: March 7, 1985

Adopted: December 14, 2009