Longview School District


Longview, WA, USA
Grading and Progress Reports Policy 2420

Policy No. 2420




The board believes that the cooperation of school and home is a vital ingredient in the growth and education of the student and recognizes the responsibility to keep parents informed of student welfare and progress in school.

The issuance of grades and progress reports on a regular basis serves as the basis for continuous evaluation of the student's performance and determining changes that should be made to effect improvement.  These reports shall be designed to provide information that will be helpful to the student, teacher, counselor, and parent.

Report cards shall be issued as soon as possible following the completion of a grading period.  Teachers will be allowed three working days following the end of any grading period to complete grade reports and submit them to the building principal.

A student's grade report may be withheld until the student pays for any school property that he/she has lost or willfully damaged or until other bona fide obligations to the district have been met. Upon payment of all obligations, or the equivalency through approved voluntary work, the grade report will be released. The student or his/her parents may appeal the imposition of a charge for damages to the building principal

If a student has transferred to another school district that has requested the student's records, but that student has an outstanding fee or fine, only records pertaining to the student's academic performance, special placement, and discipline actions shall be sent to the enrolling school within two school days. The two school days shall be based on the forwarding school district's adopted calendar. If more than one district calendar is in effect, the two school days shall relate to the adopted calendar used by the forwarding school. The official transcript will not be sent until the outstanding fee or fine is discharged.  The enrolling school shall be notified that the official transcript is being withheld due to an unpaid fee or fine.

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Cross References:

Board Policy 3122 Excused and Unexcused Absences
Board Policy 3520 Student Fees, Fines, Charges


Initially Adopted: October 17, 1985

Adopted: December 14, 2009