Longview School District


Longview, WA, USA
District Attendance Area Transfers Policy 3131

Policy No. 3131



District attendance area transfers

Geographical boundaries will be established for each elementary and secondary school which will create attendance areas that will distribute the pupil population in reasonably equal class sizes among the physical facilities provided by the district. Pupils are to attend the school serving the area of their residence.  Attendance at another school may be approved by the office of the superintendent of schools if classroom space and program opportunities will allow when a parent or legal guardian makes a formal request listing reasons for the transfer. A new transfer request must be originated at each level change, ie. elementary to middle school or middle to high school.

A parent or guardian may request that his or her child be allowed to attend another school in the district; parent/guardian request and approval is required unless limited by other legal authority. Requests must be submitted, in writing, to the district office. Secondary students who request attendance area transfers are subject to the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association’s eligibility rules.  Applications will be accepted year-round; however student placement occurs on the semester basis.

The following factors will be considered:

  1.  Minimizing disruption of students’ learning programs.
  2.  Maintaining established neighborhood groupings.
  3.  Ensuring stability of the feeder school concept.
  4.  Geographical features of the school.
  5.  Racial/Ethic/Gender balance.
  6.  Socio-economic balance.

Staff members may provide normal information about the programs of the school involved, but shall not engage in any form of recruiting related to academics, athletics and activities.

Staff members requesting transfer of a child will follow applicable laws.

Transportation for the pupil transferee is a responsibility of the parent or guardian except as provided by law.


Legal References:

RCW 28A.225.225 Applications from nonresident students or students receiving home-based instruction to attend district school — School employees' children — Acceptance and rejection standards — Notification
RCW 28A.225.270 Intradistrict enrollment options policies
RCW 28A.225.290 Enrollment options information booklet
RCW 28A.225.300 Enrollment options information to parents


Initially Adopted: October 8, 2018  (replaced policy 3130 and 3132, which were suspended on 10.8.18)