Longview School District


Longview, WA, USA
Detection Canines Policy 3352

Policy No. 3352




The Longview School District Board of Directors is committed to providing students and employees with schools and work places that are free of drugs and weapons. To that end, the board prohibits the presence of drugs, controlled substances, weapons of any type, explosive devices, alcohol, and non-authorized medication on district property or at any district-sponsored event.

The board, based on current state of Washington law, declares that using a dog to sniff air around items or places listed in the policy is not a search. The board continues to adhere to the policy that no actual search will be conducted without a particularized reasonable suspicion or belief that evidence of a rule violation will be found.  At no time will any person be subjected to inspection by the detection canine.

In conjunction with other district security measures, a trained dog may be used to sniff the air for prohibited items outlined in Policy 3241. The specific areas sniffed may be lockers, unoccupied classrooms, unattended desks, bags, items, or vehicles that are on district property or at a district-sponsored event. Students who elect to park cars on district property waive an expectation of privacy and agree that the vehicle may be sniffed.  A dog’s alert constitutes reasonable suspicion to search and only the dog’s official handler will determine what constitutes an alert by the dog. If the dog alerts on a particular item or place, the person(s) bringing the item onto district property, or responsibility for that place or item, will be called to the scene as outlined in district policy to witness the search by school official(s). All searches shall be made in compliance with district policy and applicable law.

Discovery of a prohibited substance or item may result in referral to law enforcement and/or disciplinary action in keeping with district policy for students.

The above inspections may be unannounced and shall be made at the discretion of the superintendent or designee. Students and parents/guardians shall be informed of this policy at the beginning of each school year.


Cross References:

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Initially Adopted: January 24, 2005

Adopted: February 22, 2010

Amended: April 11, 2011