Longview School District


Longview, WA, USA
Compulsory Attendance Policy 3121

Policy No. 3121




Parents of any child eight years of age and under eighteen years of age shall cause such child to attend school and such child shall have the responsibility to and, therefore, shall attend for the full time when such school may be in session unless the child is enrolled in an approved private school, an educational center as provided in Chapter 28A.205 RCW or is receiving home-based instruction.  However, if a parent enrolls a six- or seven-year old child full time, the child and parents become subject to the compulsory attendance provisions, unless the child is formally withdrawn from attendance by the parents—before they are served with a truancy petition.

Exceptions may be granted by the superintendent for children who are sixteen years of age or older if the child has:

A. Become regularly and lawfully employed and either the parent agrees that the child should not be required to attend school or the child has been emancipated in accordance with Chapter 13.64 RCW.

B. Met graduation requirements, or

C. Received a certificate of educational competence.

Any law enforcement officer authorized to make arrests can take a truant child into custody without a warrant and must then deliver the child to the parent or to the school.

The district shall not require enrollment for either (a) a minimum number of semesters or trimesters, or (b) a minimum number of courses in a semester or trimester which exceeds the enrollment time or courses necessary for a student to meet established course, credit, and test requirements for high school graduation.

If a student does not have a legal residence, the school district shall not require proof of residency or any other information regarding an address for any student who is eligible by reason of age for the services of the district.  The request for enrollment may be made by the student, parent, or guardian.

Legal References:

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Penalties in general — Defense-Suspension of fine — Complaints to court

WAC  180-51-020 Additional local standards


Cross References:

Board Policy  3114 Part-time, Home-based, or Off-campus Students
Board Policy  3122 Excused and Unexcused Absences



Initially Adopted: January 21, 1970

Adopted: February 8, 2010