Longview School District


Longview, WA, USA
Electronic Resources & Internet Safety Parent Letter 2022

Dear Parents:

Your child has the opportunity to receive an electronic network account and Internet access, and he or she needs your permission to do so. Among other advantages, your child will be able to communicate with other schools, colleges, organizations and individuals around the world through Internet and other electronic information systems and networks. The Internet is a system that links smaller computer networks, creating a large and diverse network. The Internet allows your child, through electronic mail (e-mail) and other means to reach out to many other people to share information, learn concepts and research subjects. These are significant learning opportunities to prepare your child for the future.

With this educational opportunity also comes responsibility. It is important that you and your child read the enclosed informed consent form, District policies and procedures and other material, and discuss it together. When your child is given an account and password to use on the computer, it is extremely important that the rules are followed. Inappropriate use will result in the loss of the privilege to use this educational tool, and other disciplinary action if appropriate. Parents, remember that you are legally responsible for your child’s actions.

Please stress to your child the importance of using only his or her account password, and of keeping it a secret from other students. Your child should never let anyone else use his/her password to access the network. Your child is responsible for any activity that happens using his/her account.

We have established procedures and rules regulating the materials that students may search for on the network, but please be aware that there is unacceptable and controversial material and communications on the Internet that your child could access. It is not possible for us to always provide direct supervision of all students. We cannot filter all possible materials; we encourage you to consider the potential of your child being exposed to inappropriate material when making your decision about whether to sign the informed consent form.

We also reserve the right to review e-mail sent or received on the District system to improve student safety and system integrity.
If you have any questions, please contact your building principal. If you want your child to have the opportunity to receive an electronic network account and Internet access, please return the signed informed consent form to us as soon as possible.


Longview School District