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Longview, WA, USA

Volunteer/Get Involved

Para Educators

Our primary goal at the Longview School District is to increase student achievement. We believe that achieving this goal is reliant on our commitment to facilitating strong partnerships between the Longview Public School students, staff, parents, and community members.

Hundreds of parents, grandparents, community members, business people, and others help the district ensure that every student learns. The district strives to match the needs in the classroom to the interests and schedules of volunteers. A number of volunteers also lend a hand with athletics and other student activities. Thanks to the efforts of volunteers, our students receive more than 30,000 hours of extra help each year.

All new volunteers must complete a registration packet called a C.H.A.M.P.S form. This packet authorizes a Washington State Patrol Criminal History check. We also require all volunteers to complete a SafeSchools training.  Submit an application to your school secretary, district office, or your building volunteer coordinator to start the process.

Current volunteers are now also required to complete a SafeSchools training  prior to volunteering. If you are a current volunteer, send a request to this email and we will send you the link to the SafeSchools training. Once you have completed the training, email us letting us know you are finished. We will then inform you and the school/schools you would like to volunteer at that you have completed all of the steps to volunteer! 

Minors will also need to complete the SafeSchools training before volunteering. Minors will also need to have a parent or guardian sign a Champs permission form found below.

CHAMPS registration packet – English

CHAMPS permission form for minors 

CHAMPS registration packet – Spanish

CHAMPS permission form for minors - Spanish

When volunteering at school, volunteers are asked to sign in and out at the main office, and wear their identification badges at all times when on school property. Badges are kept at the school and should not be taken home. 


Please click this link to read our gender inclusive schools policy.