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Bullying & Online Conduct

The district is committed to a safe and civil educational environment for all students, employees, parents/legal guardians, volunteers and patrons, that is free from all forms of discrimination and harassment including sexual harassment, hazing and bullying.

Internet Safety

The internet is a valuable and fun resource for entertainment, social networking and learning. But if you use the internet, you could be at risk of illegal activity or abuse such as bullying, fraud or something more serious. On the internet, not all things are always what they first seem.  Parents need to monitor their children’s computer use and educate themselves and their children to the risks.  The following links provide helpful parent and teacher resources on internet safety:

Bullying and Hazing

District policy outlines the prohibitions and procedures against hazing, bulling, harassment, and intimidation.  To report an incident, complete the form below, and return to the district compliance officer:

Tony VanderMaas, Assistant Superintendent
2715 Lilac St
Longview, WA 98632


Hazing Harassment Intimidation or Bullying Reporting Form