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Boundaries & Busing


VersaTrans E-Link is your connection to Longview Public Schools’ student transportation schedules and school boundary information.

To access E-Link, select the VersaTrans E-Link button, and enter grade level and home address information.

E-Link does not provide separate transportation schedules for late start and early release school schedules. Read more at School Delays and Cancellations.

 0Who We Are

Michael Higgins - Transportation Manager and District Safety Officer

Tracy Rice - Transportation Secretary

Cory Kincaid - Big Bus Dispatcher - Phone: 360.575.7867

Robin Martin - SPED Dispatcher - Phone: 360.575.7866

Office Hours: 5:30am-5pm

2080 38th Ave, Longview, WA 98632


Office: 360.575.7865

Fax: 360.575.7856

Rules of Conduct on the Bus

In accordance with district policy, rules of conduct for riding school buses is provided at the beginning of each school year.

  1. Listen to the driver.
  2. Wait for the door to open before coming to bus.
  3. Stay in your assigned seat for the whole ride. No Moving.
  4. Keep hands and feet to yourself.
  5. Use quiet voices.
  6. Use kind words on the bus.  No Bullying.
  7. No eating or drinking on the bus.
Rules of Conduct - English 
Rules of Conduct - Spanish 


Additional Information

  • State safety regulations for school buses prohibit transportation of large musical instruments such as baritone sax, cello, bass clarinet, tuba, large drums, and guitars. Transported instruments must fit on the student’s lap or within the leg space in front of each seat.  Instruments must be against the outside wall so no student has to climb over the instrument to exit in an emergency.
  • Longboards and scooters are not allowed on Longview school buses.
  • All K-5 students will have assigned seats on school buses.
Winter Route Schedule