Longview School District


Longview, WA, USA

Evaluation & IEP's

Parent/Family Special Education IEP Resource

IEP must include the following information:

Parts of the IEP/Commonly Used Terms:

Parent Observations & Input

  • Positive and negative behaviors your child has - strengths and needs
  • Any changes in your child’s behavior
  •  New medications or diagnosis
  • Any history of disabilities in the family
  •  Changes in your family or home that might have an effect on your child’s learning
  • How your child learns best- auditory (listening), visually (seeing), tacitly (hands-on), one-to-one, in a small group, etc.
  • Activities or things your child enjoys
  • Positive behavioral strategies that work/you use at home
  • How your child interacts with others/peers
  • The level of your child’s self-help or daily living skills (i.e., washing hands, toileting, eating, safety)
  • Specific concerns you have about your child’s educational progress
  • Thoughts on goals, services, and/or special considerations. You are an important member of your child’s IEP Team!