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Long Rang Facilities Planning

The community’s school buildings play a key role in helping our students have good learning experiences. In addition to adequate heating, lighting, and plumbing, it is important how well the buildings can accommodate changing educational practices. School buildings are part of the overall community assets, and the school district must be mindful of the investment the community makes in the buildings.

In Longview, student enrollment trends, state class size requirements, and aging  buildings are three indicators that now is an opportune time to prepare the Longview School District for its future.

The staff/citizen Facility Advisory Committee, a standing committee reporting to the school board, is overseeing a process to continue to evaluate the district’s needs and conditions of its buildings, solicit staff and community comments, and discuss some initial projects or ideas.

Date Activity Information & Resources
August 10, 2015   Presentation to Board of Directors Construction Services Group planning presentation
Appendix A – School Capacities
Appendix B – Functional Adequacy Assessment
Appendix C – Physical condition assessments using state criteria
Facilities Master Plan update Feb. 8, 2016 (PDF) (Revised 2/16/16)
March 28, 2016 Board review of staff feedback  
April, May, June 2016

Community presentations & survey opportunities

Community Presentation
Take a Community Survey  
May 2016 Community Listening Posts May 4, Mark Morris High School at 7pm
May 17, Mt. Solo Middle School at 5:15pm
May 12, Administration Building at 11:45am
May 9, 2016 Board review of community feedback  
May 23, 2016 Board outlines planning parameters  
September 20, 2016 Board review of Facilities Advisory Committee concepts Presentation of concepts
December 19, 2016 Special Board meeting Presentation of refined concepts
January 9, 2017 Special Board meeting
Timelines, scenarios, and cost estimates
January 23, 2017 Special Board meeting: decision made to consider resolution for Nov 7 building bond. 1-23-2017 Board Agenda Excerpt
February 13, 2017 Board meeting: extended a contract to the Construction Services Group, review priorities, and set timeline.  
February 27, 2017 Special Board meeting: reviewed ESD Construction Services Group findings.  
March 6, 2017 Special Board meeting: set district wide safety projects as top priorities, reviewed bond scenarios.  
March 13, 2017 Special Board meeting: discussion of possible scenarios for the Nov 7, 2017 building bond request.  
March 20, 2017 Special Board meeting: reviewed facilities options.  
April 24, 2017 School Board meeting: adopted a building bond request of $121.6 million to replace Mint Valley, Northlake, and Olympic elementary schools; because of the board's commitment to continuing the district's partnership with Head Start, $12.5 million is also earmarked for the district's preschool program. In addition, the highest-priority safety and security upgrades at various schools throughout the district will be funded through $2.75 million of the bond request.  
May 8, 2017 Adopted the district’s Facility Master Plan to submit to the state. The plan includes elementary construction projects that are included in the bond proposal that will be presented to voters November 7, 2017. Final Facility Master Plan